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View from the library rooftop
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vertical organization of programming
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West Street facade and pedestrian plaza
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view of the ramp moving between spaces
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1/8" = 1' Scale Model
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Section perspective of the building
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Reading room plan

Downtown Crossing Library

Located in the heart of Boston's Downtown Crossing, this new library serves a diverse array of citizens and visitors alike. The two concrete cylinders are representative of the past and present uses of the library. The left cylinder contains reading spaces and traditional stacks, where the right has computer access, multimedia hubs and social cafes.

The building is based around a ramp which gently rises while winding between its two distinct cylinders. Acting as an extension of the city's famous Freedom Trail, the ramp takes visitors up through public and private spaces to a rooftop view of the city as a whole. From there visitors can learn the different neighborhoods of the city while looking directly at them.