Structural Glazing

One of the most beautiful qualities of steel is its ability to disappear. Because of its tensile strength, steel girders can span long distances. This works perfectly in tandem with glass, creating wide open areas that seem to have no structure at all. Although seeming decorative, the frosted glass is able to act as a structural element, carrying the wind loads and other lateral forces back into the overarching structure. The glass fins create a wave down the building, activating the facade. At the same time, the frosting of the glass means one can only see into the building while looking straight on. This creates a stop-motion effect while passing by the structure, making the interior spaces appear as frames of an animation. The structural glazing also acts as passive solar control while still allowing diffused light into the structure. The steel and glass work together to disguise the original structure, making it appear from the exterior to stand solely on the frosted glass fins.

Elevation Section Plan Model