Artist & Family Duplex

The premise of this project was to create a duplex for a family of four and a single artist. The plot of land was situated on the edge of the Charles River in Boston's Esplanade. This unique restriction means that the home could only be entered by boat or by foot.

In the city of Boston, space comes at a premium for artists. To encourage large scale creations, the artist loft is designed around a three story studio facing the Charles River. The space acts as a light well for the three floors as well as the main circulation space. The staircase allows for varied heights for working on tall sculptures, while creating an industrial centerpiece for the building. The studio opens out to the water by a 24 ft bifold door, allowing artworks to be brought out by barge, avoiding the hassle of the Esplanade.

To create thickness in the building, the family’s house is defined by a main corridor on each floor bookended by windows. Each stacked volume has its windows offset, but aligned to an open staircase. To give privacy in such a public place, the footprint of the first floor is minimized while the second and fourth floor space stretches to the edges of the lot.